Rules for dealing with resident complaints

Resident Rights

It is important to remember that the Home is the home of all the residents and any complaint or concern should be handled with careful consideration. Resident rights are regulated by law.


  • Any complaint made by a resident should be reported to the senior member of staff.
  • A note should be made in the daily log of the complaint.
  • The resident should be informed that their complaint has been reported.
  • The senior member of staff will discuss the complaint with the resident and make every effort to resolve it.
  • Should the problem still exist the matter should be referred to the registered proprietor, Barbara Watt, who will attempt to resolve the issue.
  • The resident should be advised of their right to make their complaint known to:

CQC South East Citygate
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 03000 616161

Any complaint will be dealt with within a maximum of 28 days.